Streamlined, flexible, on schedule

These are our premises for both internal and external logistics. Zetec has integrated the various pull principles in its operations for many years, and combines these with contemporary retrieval interfaces.

We provide customer-specific EDI and portal solutions, organise customs clearance for you upon request and maintain a defined minimum inventory for you. These measures will guarantee your flexibility and contribute to the overall satisfaction of your end customers.


Lean logistics

We provide:


  • Electronic data exchange (EDI, portal)
  • International customs clearance
  • Customer-specific packaging
  • Just-in-time solutions
  • Emergency courier service

Get us involved in your tasks.

In an ideal scenario, we will already be involved in the development and design phase of challenging precision parts. We provide you with highly precise, efficient solutions to any problem, and ensure they get to you right on time. We look forward to taking on whatever challenges you may have!


How to find us

Zetec Zerspanungstechnik GmbH 
Daimlerstraße 9
78559 Gosheim


Telephone: +49 7426 5298-0
Telefax: +49 7426 5298-78