Instruments and special tools for medical technology

First-class quality, accuracy and continuity – these are the key challenges and parameters within medical technology. State-of-the-art measuring equipment and high-performance machinery are, together with cleanliness, the fundamental puzzle pieces for the manufacture of medical instruments, system components and products. Parts and assemblies manufactured based on drawings by Zetec have therefore been used in diverse medical technology segments for many, many years. Amongst other areas, precision products and assemblies made by Zetec are used in operating rooms and as practice equipment and will satisfy your highest quality requirements.

Zetec’s range of medical technology products

  • for minimally invasive surgery
  • for dental technology in general medical technology
  • for the veterinary industry
  • for the cosmetics industry

LED mounting

with highly complex geometry


completely machined on the lathe



Fine thread

M24 x 0,5

fit ø 1,5 H9

position of holes to each other - tolerance < 0,05 mm



Rotated shaft part


bore 10 x D

special surface

machining by means of special turning cycle for optimal surface and safe chip breaking

6 x milling

complete machining on lathe


1.4021 (X20Cr13)

Handle head

Fine thread


Visible surface

along the complete contour

Milled groove

radius in the lower tenth of a millimeter range




Fitting hole

transverse machining on the lathe


1.4305 X8CrNi18‐9

Sealing cone

sealing cone with very high roughness requirements

Fine thread


Machined burr-free

cross hole is completely deburred on lathe. 4-axis machining by CAM.

Precision for the medical technology sector

Here you can find a selection of medical products, components and assemblies that are representative of our high precision demands.

Air bearing dental chair

Medicine assembly group complete Microinvasive surgery

Medical assembly group Cleaning device Dental technology

Agitator shafts Cosmetics industry

Medicine LED recording

Medicine chicks

Medicine grip head

Medicine Turned shank part

Medizin Dental

Sensor technology

Zetec ist der erfahrenste Systempartner mit dem komplexesten Teileportfolio.


Mechanical engineering

Anspruchsvolle Drehteile und Frästeile in verschleissfesten Werkstoffen liefern wir in höchster Perfektion. Rotationssymmetrische und kubische Präzisionteile von Zetec finden Sie in vielen Bereichen des Maschinen- und Apparatebaus.


Additional industries

Unsere Präzisionsteile finden sich in vielen weiteren Branchen wieder: Automaisierungstechnik, Robotik, alternative Antriebe, Hydraulik, Pneumatik, ...


Get us involved in your tasks.

In an ideal scenario, we will already be involved in the development and design phase of challenging precision parts. We provide you with highly precise, efficient solutions to any problem, and ensure they get to you right on time. We look forward to taking on whatever challenges you may have!


How to find us

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