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Zetec offers comprehensive know-how, and our precision parts are always components of your success. As a reliable, committed partner, we offer you tailor-made solutions – from design to efficient series production. On this page, we will provide you with a small insight into our manufacturing and parts expertise. We provide concrete examples detailing why you can place your trust in our experience in the manufacture of precision parts and assemblies. We manufacture highly precise and complicated parts within narrow tolerances in virtually all non-ferrous metals, aluminium alloys and stainless steel types from titanium to Inconel.

Stainless steel

Zetec is your specialist for the machining of high-strength, difficult-to-cut materials such as stainless steel, Inconel and titanium. 85% of items produced are made from stainless steel.

Complex geometries

Zetec specialises in producing complex geometries. We use CAM to both calculate and simulate special milling contours, and then use these as a basis for efficient manufacturing on our turning or milling machines. Here, the focus is always on integrated production in a manufacturing cell that requires little handling.

Thin-walled components

Thin-walled precision parts made from stainless steel, brass or aluminium and boasting narrow tolerances are one of Zetec’s specialities. Many years of experience, combined with state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, make us one of the leading names in this field.

Narrow tolerances

Increasingly narrow tolerances are one of the key challenges for any machining company. Investments in new manufacturing and measuring technologies help overcome these challenges.

Excellent surface quality

Low roughness values or visible areas without processing marks are especially important in the medical technology and the food industry. Special procedures optimised by us during turning or milling work allow optimal results to be achieved in accordance with the customer’s wishes.

Machining of pipes as a raw material

Pipes provide many advantages for customers. However, this raw material can pose certain problems during the machining process. Significant tool wear due to drawing scale or welding seams is one of the biggest challenges to be overcome during machining, together with the mostly high pipe tolerances. Zetec’s pool of machinery is optimally equipped to deal with these matters. We have many years of experience in the processing of raw material and the compensation of tolerances.

Turning of multi-edged material

Cutting hexagonal and cubic material poses a similar challenge to the machining of raw material. Tools and machines are subjected to significant loads that only extremely stable machines are able to adequately handle. In order to guarantee a resource-friendly and efficient production, Zetec has been meeting these special requirements for decades. You will benefit from safe, secure processes and reduced material costs.


Standstill periods mean losses and must be avoided at all costs in order to keep pace with increasingly fierce international competition. The constant questioning, organising and optimisation of processes is a critical success factor at Zetec. The foundation for this is experience, a flexible pool of machinery, state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and employees capable of bringing both small and medium series to process maturity quickly.

Complex assemblies

As a system partner, we use optimally configured assembly units for the complete machining of your assemblies. The result is obvious: Your organisational and logistical expenses are reduced and you are afforded much more flexibility.

Turned parts

Milled parts


Get us involved in your tasks.

In an ideal scenario, we will already be involved in the development and design phase of challenging precision parts. We provide you with highly precise, efficient solutions to any problem, and ensure they get to you right on time. We look forward to taking on whatever challenges you may have!


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