Top quality made by Zetec

Our customers expect reliably top-quality, flawless components. And we provide them. In order to satisfy all quality requirements for modern turned and milled parts, we utilise highly precise measuring equipment in air-conditioned rooms as well as our own quality management system. Our quality management system is responsible for preventively outlining, evaluating and then remedying any potential errors and risks using standard tools such as FMEA, PDCA as well as machine capability analyses, while our process-integrated quality assurance guarantees top quality every time. These two cornerstones of our quality formula have to be continuously questioned and, if required, updated; only in this way can we continue to deliver measurable precision for the future. With Zetec’s “3P” formula: Preventive + Permanent = Perfect.

In-house measurement

We provide:


  • Modern quality management methods (FMEA, PDCA, 5-why, Ishikawa etc.)
  • Supplier management (traceability, material certification, etc.)
  • All standard sampling procedures
  • An efficient complaint management system



  • Optical measuring equipment
  • 3D measurement machine
  • Automated testing
  • Measurement of lengths
  • Contour and surface measurement
  • Air-conditioned measuring areas
  • Traceability of the process-related measurement results via our CAQ system

Get us involved in your tasks.

In an ideal scenario, we will already be involved in the development and design phase of challenging precision parts. We provide you with highly precise, efficient solutions to any problem, and ensure they get to you right on time. We look forward to taking on whatever challenges you may have!


How to find us

Zetec Zerspanungstechnik GmbH 
Daimlerstraße 9
78559 Gosheim


Telephone: +49 7426 5298-0
Telefax: +49 7426 5298-78