Turning, milling and assembly by Zetec eliminates waste

As a system supplier for diverse industries, we deliver assemblies fully assembled, ready to install and packaged according to customer-specific requirements. However, the handling of individual parts, packaging them and then storing them over and over again amounts to a significant waste of time that nobody can afford these days. For this reason, you can take advantage of our vast scope of services to eliminate such wastage.

We manufacture, assemble, store and supply according to your own personal requirements. We find ideal, efficient and ready-to-install solutions for you and your assemblies. Zetec – sustainable, precise, customer-specific. Precision for the future.

Assembly gallery

Here you can find a selection of assemblies and system components that are representative of our high precision demands.


Milled parts

Turned parts

Get us involved in your tasks.

In an ideal scenario, we will already be involved in the development and design phase of challenging precision parts. We provide you with highly precise, efficient solutions to any problem, and ensure they get to you right on time. We look forward to taking on whatever challenges you may have!


How to find us

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